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Bring well-being to your (home) office with yoga and meditation

Well-being perks for your employees are a great investment. Happy and balanced coworkers contribute to a harmonious office environment. Stretching will reduce pain in the back and neck often caused by sitting long hours in front of the computer. Eye exercises will release tired eyes from tension and help to relax in general. The breathing exercise and meditation elements will clear the mind and train focus and hence increase productivity.
You can book customized online classes for your team online or at your office. Classes can be done in office clothes at the desk (sweat-free) or you can choose full meditation and yoga classes on the yoga mat. Contact me below to discuss which yoga, meditation or breathing class is the best match for your cooperation.

Our team speaks English, Danish, Norwegian and German and we are happy to teach in these languages for your convenience. 

Benefits of Office Yoga for your company are:

  • Strong company culture and better team work
  • More focus and less distraction leading to more productivity
  • Less (long term) sick days due to decreased stress and improved immune system
  • Less anxiety
  • Less turnover due to higher employee satisfaction
  • More creativity, think outside the box
  • Improved talent acquisition
  • It shows you care

Join Office Yoga online

On my online channel you have the possibility to practice Office Yoga class recordings at any time. If you would like to give your team access to this service, please reach out below and ask for special rates.

We come to your Office too!

Prices for onsite or customized online classes: 15 minutes business yoga available for 650kr and 30 minutes session for 900kr. 1h session 1,500kr. Prices for more than 10 students on request (on-site). Discounts for multiple classes available. All prices excl. VAT.

Office Yoga Teacher Training

Want to teach your own Office Yoga classes or empower your team to be taught corporate yoga by one of your colleagues? Then check out our Office Yoga Teacher Training possibilities.

Corporate Workshop

Corporate Training

We offer different Trainings, Talks and Workshops for your company. Wellness-Training like Stress and Breathing, Workshops on Communication and Consent, Mindfulness and Meditation classes or team-building. Your trainer has many years of corporate experience in high-paced jobs like sales and consulting and is happy to discuss, which formats would be most beneficial for your teams. Contact us via email and book your free consulting session:

Stress Management and Relief Workshop

Justine from Grow Life Coaching and Warrior Princess Yoga are joining forces and developed the first workshop combining stress management theory and practical tools like yoga and meditation to not only manage but reduce stress at work and in ones daily life. Read more about this unique concept here:


I was looking for some options to engage with our employees but also make them enjoy their time in the office, then yoga came to my mind so I contacted Julia.
Her approach was perfect for our needs, we first started with yoga and later we added mediation, which was the best thing ever! After a long day of dealing with sales and customers, mediation is the best way to release stress.
Julia always brings new techniques and exercises to free our minds and train the body. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone who’s trying to create a better atmosphere in the office.


Head of People & Development, Easy Translate

Let's do business and revolutionize your workplace.

Happy Students

Warrior Princess Yoga

Reviews of students

Georgiana November 1st, 2022

I met Julia at a retreat and she is an amazing teacher and a really lovely human. I loved how she didn't rush through the process and we really went back to basics, while at the same time learning a wide variety of things about yoga, from how to do a certain asana to yogic wisdom. It was obvious that Julia knows a lot and she is also really good at sharing it with others. She redefined in my mind what a good yoga teacher is.

Eve January 22nd, 2020

Julia is one of the most precious yoga teacher I’ve ever had! I would recommend all her practices with a special mention for her yoga nidra. I got so relaxed and so deeply calmed down by her voice during each session, she helped me letting it go towards either a tight sleep or for restful nap. Very powerful experience and human being. thank you Warrior Princess!

Agnieszka January 21st, 2020

I have had the most relaxing beautiful experience in the yoga Nidra class. Thank you so much 🙏. You are so knowledgeable and your voice so soothing

Sarah February 14th, 2020

Julia ably and effortlessly led a vinyasa class with clear instruction and really helpful assists. She spoke about philosophy just the right amount, there was still plenty of space and quiet to really get into the practice. Thank you Julia!! I loved it

Majbritt May 3rd, 2020

The best yoga in Copenhagen. They are very skilled at Hatha yoga, Yin, and yoga nidra. Julia has a good personality, an she is one of my favorite instructor.

Kim April 1st, 2020

Julia is an amazing teacher. I have had three classes with her so far and she already improved my asanas a lot. I appreciate her hands on experience and eye for detail. Thank you Julia. Big hug! (by the way: her guided meditations are the best!)