How to get started with yoga

Why yoga is good for you? Read here and check out our blog for more inspiration. 

So let us get started now. 

Ways to get started with yoga

Private classes in person or online are a great way to get started. We can work in your own tempo and answer all your questions on the way. 

You are not in Copenhagen and feel more comfortable to try out yoga in the comfort of your home? Private online classes are not in your budget or you simply like to connect with other new yogis from around the world in a designated WhatsApp group? Then our new online yoga for beginners course is just for you.

hold my hand

Online Yoga for Beginners course

We will meet live online for 6 weekly classes and go through the basics of yoga. It will be a joyful mix of theory and practice. You will understand the structure of a regular yoga class, so you know what to expect in a studio. Further, you will get an introduction to breath work (pranayama) and meditation and we will look into the yoga poses you most likely will encounter in today’s yoga classes around the world, while focusing on how you safely get in and out of the poses.

As a bonus you will get a 20 minutes private Q&A session (value 340kr) with our experienced and loving yoga teacher Julia, who will also lead the 6 live online beginners yoga classes.

We will have a Facebook and WhatsApp group with all members of the running course, where you can share your experience and inspire each other.

And as a bonus to help you get started, you will get a free online yoga membership for the duration of the course (value 300kr).


Online Yoga Course for Beginners Summary

Next course starts April 27, 2021

You can either join the English or German class.

6 weekly live online yoga classes:

  • Tuesdays 5.30-6.30pm CET in English
  • Tuesdays 7.00-8.00pm CET in German

20min private Q&A with Julia

1,5 month free premium online yoga membership

Access to WhatsApp and Facebook group to connect and stay inspired

Price: 650kr approx. 87EUR

What you need: An open mind and heart, a yoga mat, comfortable clothes, an internet connection and maybe a notebook. Get 10% discount for your yoga props at Manduka or Samarali by using the code Warriorprincessyoga 

(Minimum 5 participants for each course, you will get fully refunded if the course won’t take place.)

winter bathing and yoga

Today my breath was calm. I floated in 3 degrees warm water. My mind was calm and I felt at peace. All the times I have been in there with my pure willpower prepared me for this moment, all the pranayama (breath work to control lifeforce energy) I did prepared me for this moment, where my breath knew exactly what to do.

Yoga and sustainability

The concept of sustainable living has been growing over the past decade. Its application relates to
lifestyle choices and decisions we are making daily. When we talk about yoga it is more than just a
regular physical exercise, controlling your breathing, proper diet, relaxation, and positive thinking. It
also includes meditation which helps in developing harmony in your mind, body, and environment.

Minimalism and Yoga

The next thing is that we get attached to these things and start worrying about losing them. We pay even more money for insurance and we sometimes do not use the precious things so they do not get broken and buy something else instead to use, while we wait for that special day to take the other thing out of the closet again… I think you can see the vicious cycle here. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Happy Students

Warrior Princess Yoga

Reviews of students

Eve January 22nd, 2020

Julia is one of the most precious yoga teacher I’ve ever had! I would recommend all her practices with a special mention for her yoga nidra. I got so relaxed and so deeply calmed down by her voice during each session, she helped me letting it go towards either a tight sleep or for restful nap. Very powerful experience and human being. thank you Warrior Princess!

Agnieszka January 21st, 2020

I have had the most relaxing beautiful experience in the yoga Nidra class. Thank you so much 🙏. You are so knowledgeable and your voice so soothing

Sarah February 14th, 2020

Julia ably and effortlessly led a vinyasa class with clear instruction and really helpful assists. She spoke about philosophy just the right amount, there was still plenty of space and quiet to really get into the practice. Thank you Julia!! I loved it

Majbritt May 3rd, 2020

The best yoga in Copenhagen. They are very skilled at Hatha yoga, Yin, and yoga nidra. Julia has a good personality, an she is one of my favorite instructor.

Kim April 1st, 2020

Julia is an amazing teacher. I have had three classes with her so far and she already improved my asanas a lot. I appreciate her hands on experience and eye for detail. Thank you Julia. Big hug! (by the way: her guided meditations are the best!)