The powerful healing with breathwork

In the words of Jack Kornfield: The vision behind breathwork redefines the role of the healer. In this role, the healer safeguards, facilitates, and supports the breathers own profound natural healing process. In this context, it is not the therapist/psychiatrists/teacher who is wise, but the psyche of the individual hose innate wisdom is tended to and brought to blossom.

In my own journey I have grown to trust that healing, wisdom, and strength is within us all, no matter our story, our pain or trauma, each of us have it within ourselves to blossom and rediscover our true presence.

My name is Christina and would like to introduce myself with whomever feels called to journey with me.

What brought me here today, to share breathwork with you, was a path not many have been on and fewer know. My youth was unusual, I grew up in religious apocalyptic cult where from a young age I remembered feeling afraid and very lost, not fitting into my surroundings, feeling scared to use my voice, but mainly feeling alone. I knew, deep down inside there was another world for me, another way. While growing up in an ultra religious surrounding and due to many dogmatic beliefs, I had been conditioned to believe my path was one of suffering, of servitude to authority and in service to one almighty God and eventual end in martyrdom. Anyone turning away from this calling, was not deemed worthy to receive the gift of heaven, of eternal life and they would fall into a life of shame, guilt, and pain.

How I embraced my fears

But this is not my story, or the story I wish to tell today. This is part of my journey that would like to share is how I embraced my fears and followed the whispers of courage to create a new life that was meant for me.

At the early age of 17, with barely enough courage to break away from this secluded life, the one I only knew, without knowing who I was, I stepped out into a world that was unknown in every way. Without having the foundations in knowing my own internal strength, this shame, guilt, and fear was perpetuated in the years to come in every layer of my life. I lived with fear as my companion, as my guide. Not knowing the answer or the way to overcome these mindsets that lay within my own core, my own being. I searched for safety and a place to call home.

The void within me

After 13 years of building a life, I thought and hoped would bring me that inner peace, fulfillment and above all safety I so yearned for, there was a void within me that I couldn’t fill, there was a thirst I couldn’t quench, a hunger for meaning and growth. I felt deep yearning in my heart, a need to radically change directions, break away and go on a journey of rediscovering who I am. With much trepidation, I left my partner of 13 years and my job of almost 10 years, I then went back to school to become a social worker. Something I thought would fill that void, being of service to a community, to fulfill the needs of others, to feel needed. But still after many years of studying, doing every job under the sun to get by, I still felt a calling, a yearning to do something else. But really, how could I fulfill the needs of others, when I didn’t fully know my own needs and desires?! At the same time my companion fear, was still at the helm, fear was still in the control seat making all the decisions for me.

Things started to change

Then what followed was a series of (un)fortunate events which then catalysed into a global pandemic, shutting down almost everything we knew which had some sense of normality and safety. With time on my hands, and being completely alone in this new surreal world, I started meditating regularly, practicing movement and yoga, reading, and listening to talks on self development, on finding inner peace and being in the now. And yes, 2 of those books were none other then, The Power of Now, from Eckhart Tolle and The Untethered Soul from Michel Singer. Even though things were still very unclear, listening to the words from these books, I knew it was time again for change, but I also know this time I needed a different approach. 

Facing fear

I started opening my heart and eyes and looked at my dear companion called “fear” in a new way.
I asked my dear friend “fear”, “how can we get along? How can we coexist after all we have been through? How can we move on from everything we have ever known?” She told me with a tear and quiver in her voice , “hand in hand”!
So, slowly and with my own tears I took her hand and said, “Thank you! Thank you for keeping me safe through all those many years when I felt lost and afraid. I respect and honour you for all you have done for me and for all the times you have kept me out of harms way. But now it is time that I take over the reigns and follow my heart. You have done what you knew best and now it is time to trust Me.”

The gift of breathwork

What came next, was a beautiful slow but gradual process. I started allowing myself to feel what resonated with ME, started listening to my body, allowed my heart to speak. Within a short period of time the gift of breathwork came into my life, at a time when the world could hardly breathe. My heart spoke to me once more, “The world who at this moment is holding onto its breath so tightly needs people to guide them back to their breath, which will connect them to their Tru self, which is their Tru essence.“

Listening to my calling

Since listening to my calling and while fully utilizing what my breath is capable of, breathwork has now become an integral part of my life. It has helped me heal from many physical and emotional ailments and has become my new companion as I continually rediscover the path to ME, the path to feeling ease and peace.
I won’t lie and say I never feel fear, oh I do, but when she speaks, I allow myself to breathe and then I listen to her with my heart instead of my head and realize there is someone present, someone that needs to be heard and not abandoned or shamed. I’ve grown to have a deeper respect for where she came from, and now she is no longer at the steering wheel of my life. She is an old friend that has kept me safe..

Thank you fear, thank you journey, because you have brought me to who I am.

Who is Christina?

Christina from Tru Breath, with Christina Velz and Julia met 2021 in Greece. Julia was doing her multi-style breathwork facilitator training and Christina graduated earlier that year and came back to assist during the training and deepen her knowledge on breathwork. The two connected and became friends travelling Mexico together in early 2022. Now they are facilitating a breathwork event in Copenhagen together. Click here to read more.


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Happy Students

Warrior Princess Yoga

Reviews of students

Georgiana November 1st, 2022

I met Julia at a retreat and she is an amazing teacher and a really lovely human. I loved how she didn't rush through the process and we really went back to basics, while at the same time learning a wide variety of things about yoga, from how to do a certain asana to yogic wisdom. It was obvious that Julia knows a lot and she is also really good at sharing it with others. She redefined in my mind what a good yoga teacher is.

Eve January 22nd, 2020

Julia is one of the most precious yoga teacher I’ve ever had! I would recommend all her practices with a special mention for her yoga nidra. I got so relaxed and so deeply calmed down by her voice during each session, she helped me letting it go towards either a tight sleep or for restful nap. Very powerful experience and human being. thank you Warrior Princess!

Agnieszka January 21st, 2020

I have had the most relaxing beautiful experience in the yoga Nidra class. Thank you so much 🙏. You are so knowledgeable and your voice so soothing

Sarah February 14th, 2020

Julia ably and effortlessly led a vinyasa class with clear instruction and really helpful assists. She spoke about philosophy just the right amount, there was still plenty of space and quiet to really get into the practice. Thank you Julia!! I loved it

Majbritt May 3rd, 2020

The best yoga in Copenhagen. They are very skilled at Hatha yoga, Yin, and yoga nidra. Julia has a good personality, an she is one of my favorite instructor.

Kim April 1st, 2020

Julia is an amazing teacher. I have had three classes with her so far and she already improved my asanas a lot. I appreciate her hands on experience and eye for detail. Thank you Julia. Big hug! (by the way: her guided meditations are the best!)